A unique view of



View of Lac-St-Jean

A new type of accommodation in the village

Minimaisons on the lake

Great news: we've just built 14 top-of-the-range homes overlooking Lac St-Jean. Newly installed on the promontory at the entrance to the Historic Village, this offering is a distinctive new form of accommodation. Each dwelling offers a panoramic view of Lac Saint-Jean through a wall of windows. These dwellings join the other types of accommodation available at Val-Jalbert, including hotel rooms (24 units), campsites (188 lots) and ready-to-camp mini-chalets (15 units).

The approximately 500 sq. ft. units are available with 1 or 2 bedrooms for 1 to 5 people and are heated by electricity. Dishes and bedding (sheets and shower towels) are included in the reservation.

Minimaisons on the lake


The Minimaisons site on the lake is in the final stages of landscaping work!

Please note that landscaping work, the installation of a security gate and some finishing work throughout the Minimaisons site are currently underway. Since a team of workers is working hard to complete the embellishment of the site, you may not find all the peace and quiet you're looking for.

Les Minimaisons is not located in a wooded area, and trees and plants native to Quebec will be planted to offer customers privacy. However, this ecosystem will need time to take root and beautify its surroundings. Since the road and railroad pass very close to the site, we can't guarantee the peace and quiet offered by our hotel in the heart of the village and our mini-chalets at the Val-Jalbert campground.

That said, you should know that Les Minimaisons is located on a promontory that offers a magnificent panoramic view of Lac Saint-Jean, the Wow effect of the experience. To access the water and the 52 kilometers of beach surrounding Lac Saint-Jean, you'll need to drive to the beaches: Read the article


Depending on the configuration, it includes :

  • One or 2 double beds, sofa bed,
  • A dining table
  • Kitchen including oven, hob, fridge, sink, microwave oven
  • Outdoor fire pit and picnic table
  • Telephone, television and high-speed Internet access
  • The units are also equipped with a bathroom with toilet, shower and sink.

An exceptional view to discover summer and winter alike

The mini-homes on the lake will be available to rent for 10 months a year.

Living on the shores of Lac-St-Jean

Information and reservations at +1 (418) 275-3132 .